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Digital Minister at Green Aureus

Digital Minister visits Green Aureus On March 24, 2023, Prof. Dr. Kristina Sinemus, Hessian Minister for Digital Strategy and Development, visited the innovative start-up “Green Aureus” in the Co-KARL coworking space in the former Kerber department store. The young start-up presented its blockchain-based software solutions for the sustainability sector. Around 25 other guests from politics and business attended the event to find out about the start-up’s environmentally friendly technologies, which combine security and transparency in supply chains with the possibilities of voluntary CO₂ neutralization.

The event provided an excellent opportunity to discuss the importance of digital solutions in the fight against climate change and the role of blockchain technology in this context. Green Aureus was able to present its innovative concept and three pillars for the mass adoption of digital climate solutions.

The participants showed great interest in the solutions presented and engaged in a lively exchange about the potential and challenges associated with the integration of blockchain technology in the sustainability sector. The Digital Minister’s visit underlines the importance of Green Aureus’ approach and helps to raise awareness of the role of digital technologies in climate protection.

“As our ICT study shows, Hesse is a strong and dynamic location with good framework conditions for the information and communications industry, especially for start-ups,” said Digital Minister Prof. Dr. Kristina Sinemus. The state of Hesse wants to further develop digitalization throughout the state. “We are becoming the Silicon Valley of Europe here”, said the Minister.

The three pillars of Green Aureus in detail:

1.) Simple CO₂ compensation through e-commerce integration
Green Aureus develops special plugins for the e-commerce sector that enable consumers to automatically reduce their carbon footprint. By integrating these plugins into online stores, customers and online shop operators can actively contribute to climate protection in a simple way.

2.) Hello Green Friends: The platform for effective CO₂ management and a sustainable future
The platform offers a user-friendly solution for offsetting CO₂ emissions by providing digitally verified carbon credits. With “Hello Green Friends”, private individuals and companies can realize their sustainability goals on the way to Net Zero. The blockchain-based platform enables transparent and efficient carbon management while supporting the development of a global community for environmentally conscious behavior. Through education and motivation, “Hello Green Friends” promotes greater environmental awareness and helps to integrate climate protection into people’s everyday lives. In this way, the platform creates a solid basis for a sustainable and liveable future.

3.) Transparent supply chain and carbon credits
Green Aureus relies on the digitalization of supply chains to enable a transparent product passport and thus verify ESG claims. This helps to achieve a real impact in climate protection and avoid greenwashing. At the same time, the start-up supports manufacturers in optimizing their customers’ shopping experience through sustainable value-added services. With the help of QR codes on product packaging, consumers can easily access detailed product information and redeem carbon credits.

For this event, Green Aureus calculated a carbon footprint of 271.8 kilograms, which was subsequently offset.Digital Minister visits Green Aureus

“I firmly believe that our approach brings significant value to society. By combining innovative technologies and sustainable practices, we are making an important contribution to combating climate change and creating a future worth living for generations to come,” says Frank Schwab, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Green Aureus GmbH.

“At local and national level, the development of Green Aureus GmbH is supported by the Competence Centre for Digitalization in Rural Areas (KDLR), a project of the House of Digital Transformation e.V.. Together with the local partners Zeitsprung e.V. and Region Fulda GmbH, as well as through networking throughout Hesse, a positive environment has been created in Eastern Hesse to support future tasks such as environmental and climate protection with technological start-ups,” says Marco Ziegler, Community Manager of the Competence Centre for Digitalization in Rural Areas (Fulda site).

With the introduction of blockchain-based software solutions, Green Aureus is creating an environmentally friendly solution to accelerate the fight against climate change. The company is thus enabling a simple, automated and financially advantageous method of advancing climate protection and securing a future worth living for all.

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