Decarbonizing the planet and verifying ESG-claims using Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)

Green Aureus is an ESG-tracking and -digitalization provider for SMEs built on a proprietary blockchain with an integrated carbon offsetting tool to fight climate change.

Green Aureus has benefits for our society and our planet

Across industries & borders, our solution is to revolutionize sustainable commerce. We distinguish between real impact and greenwashing and enable SMEs to adhere to more sustainable standards. Our live ESG-audits and -certification system empowers consumers to see the journey of goods 24/7 in real-time.

We automatically award carbon credits to consumers and SMEs for creating impacts in relation to any of the 17 UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) or ESG (Environment Social Governance) claims. We help to decarbonize the planet to achieve a NetZero footprint.



We ensure that products meet ESG-standards and regulatory requirements so that our verified supply chains and goods have a positive impact for the planet.


We track the production journey of goods in real-time and allow consumers to communicate with producers in order to buy from brands that live their values.


We help online SMEs to reduce their carbon impact and help to make the performance visible to adhere social and environmental ESG-standards.


We provide assurance to regulatory bodies that SMEs are compliant with ESG-standards and help them to better track performance in a transparent manner.

Our sophisticated Solutions

Green Aureus builds a smart ecosystem to support market SMEs to fulfill their commitments towards UN development goals, the Paris climate agreement and supply chain laws.

Based on blockchain technology, Green Aureus provides traceability and transparency features to verify how and where carbon offsetting occurs and to track ESG-commitments and carbon credits across the entire value chain.

„Hello Green Market“ – SaaS for SME
committed to ESG-standards

white-labelled, customized e-commerce solution for traceability, value chain ESG-audits and automated decarbonization, powered by our blockchain protocol.

We enable market participants to buy and sell audited, ESG-compliant goods, trace their value chain and award automatically carbon credits.

  • Automated carbon offsetting tool
  • Transparent supply chain
  • Verification of EU ESG-norms
  • AI-driven data monitoring

  • Certification module
Our value chain ESG-audits innovation
Our carbon reduction innovation
Wild Garlic Salt
C02 Reduction

Key Benefits

Ensure compliance with laws and regulations (ESG-standards), incl. reporting standards

Cut operational certification costs for companies

Reduce impactful carbon footprint and empower‚ net-zero society

Enable companies to engage with their clients based on ESG-standard

Combat product counterfeiting and protect brand equity

Benefit from a lean ESG data collection and clear guidance for ESG reporting

Increase transparency of the supply chains of goods, incl. its production site

Provide assurance to consumers that green products are truly green

Our Partners

Eden Reforestation Projects
Green Tech
RegioPoint Fulda
IHK ecoFinder

„Hello Green Friends“ – Our Eco-Community

We created the climate change together –
so let`s fight it together!

Hello Green Friends is an integrated eco-community platform on a mission to fight climate change.

  • Networking of like-minded people
  • CO₂-neutral referral system

  • Learning centers

  • News & blogs
Helllo Green Friends

About us

Green Aureus is driven by a diverse and motivated team with complementary skills and experiences on a joint mission to bridge the gap between technology and sustainability.

The idea behind Green Aureus and its team stems from the conviction that a better future for our planet & all human beings is possible.

Unser Team

Our Mission

We are committed to help companies and people to achieve global net-zero emissions goals and to stop greenwashing.

Our Vision

We promote more sustainable and responsible economic activity for a healthier world for us all.

Our Ambition

We aim to become the leading Eco-FinTech for ESG-compliant products and services.

Our Values

We believe in protecting the environment through financial inclusion, smart technologies and strategic partnerships.