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Climate protection with every purchase in your online store

Turn climate protection into business growth and offer your customers a sustainable shopping experience with "Hello Green Click" in your online store. Simply download and get started.
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Start improving your online store right away. Our versatile plug-in is compatible with WooCommerce, Shopware and Shopify.

Select your store system and click on the corresponding button for more information and to download the plugin. Simple, fast and efficient – optimize your e-commerce presence in no time at all.

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After downloading the plug-in, the next step is to register with Hello Green Click. This process is crucial to generate your personal API key, which is required to activate and use the plug-in.

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Configure your plug-in

Now that you have downloaded your plug-in and generated your API key, it’s time to set up the plug-in in your store system. The process is straightforward and quick.

If you need help, our support team is always available to guide you through the process step by step.


Frequently asked questions

What is the e-commerce plugin?

The Green Aureus e-commerce plugin is a tool that helps companies decarbonize their online store and turn climate protection into business growth. It provides a blockchain-based solution that gives consumers access to verifiable and tamper-proof information about a company’s sustainability efforts.

How does the e-commerce plugin work?

The plugin offers two main functions. First, a program for store operators where a certain percentage of the purchase price is used for carbon credits. This percentage is included in the purchase price and half is credited to the customer’s account and half to the store owner’s carbon account. Secondly, customers have the option to round up their invoice amount at checkout to offset their carbon footprint. The rounded up amount is used to purchase carbon credits, 100% of which are credited to the customer’s account.

What advantages does the e-commerce plugin offer?

The plugin helps companies to position themselves as green pioneers and gain a competitive advantage. It enables companies to respond to customers’ increasing awareness of sustainability, win more customers and increase their sales.

How can I implement the e-commerce plugin in my online store?

To implement the e-commerce plugin in your online store, you can contact Green Aureus directly via their website. The Green Aureus team offers support with the implementation and use of the plugin.

How can customers verify that my sustainability efforts are genuine?

The e-commerce plugin provides a blockchain-based solution that gives consumers access to verifiable and tamper-proof information about your sustainability efforts. Customers can see the carbon offset performed on their invoice and verify it using a carbon offset code.

Stay in contact with us

We are here to help you! If you have any questions, need support or just want to give feedback on our plug-in, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team will be happy to help and advise you to ensure you get the best out of our product.


Create and store API keys

  1. Log in to Hello Green Friends
  2. Click on the store selection at the top right of the main menu and then Shop settings. In this area, you have the option to personalize the internal names of your store. You will also receive two API keys: the first key is intended for regular operation, while the second key, the test key, should be used for setting up new stores or test purposes.
  3. Copy the desired API key and paste it into the “API settings” section in the plug-in settings
  4. Test the “API credentials”