Verifiable Climate action through blockchain-based innovations

Driving systems changes in climate and sustainability through next-generation digital solutions designed for scale and usable for everybody.

Ensuring carbon action happens

With our platform, everybody can take concrete steps to mitigate the environmental impact of their carbon footprint. Our solution is easy to use and hassle-free, offering an automated carbon offsetting process in real-time, using DLT-verified CO2 credits from certified climate projects.


We help the economy to achieve carbon neutrality by ensuring compliance with SDGs, the Paris agreement incl. methodology standards. So they have a positive impact on the planet.


We are revolutionizing online shopping and retail by automatically rewarding consumers with carbon credits through their purchases. In this way, we help consumers to reduce their carbon footprint in a simple way effectively.


Our platform enables companies to visualize their impact, reduce their CO₂-emissions and make their performance visible to everyone. This creates more trust, reputation, and sales.


We bring proof to regulators via our blockchain that companies are complying with their ESG standards, and help them make their performance more transparent, and visible to everyone.

Our solutions to make climate action simple

Proprietary blockchain protocol to drive unmutable visibility and transparency on chain We have developed our own blockchain-based transparency approach to ensure that companies‘ sustainability claims are correct and cannot be manipulated by anyone.

Easy-to-Use E-Commerce decarbonization

Automated decarbonization in real time for the economy

Increase in turnover and reputation

Quality carbon credits with a high degree of efficiency

Easy integration into online stores

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All-In-One Carbon Management Platform
"Hello Green Friends"

On-chain offsetting CO₂- emissions and – sourcing carbon credits

Digitally verified and traceable carbon credits

Sustainability platform for the road to Net Zero

Blockchain-supported footprint history and management

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Easy-to-Use retail decarbonization and digital product passport

Real effects instead of greenwashing

Digitalized ESG-Engagement and Supply Chain traceability

Increased transparency through digital product passport

Easy integration into retail via
QR-code on the product

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Five layers of digital security to prevent
greenwashing and double counting

We provide multiple covers for all carbon credit purchases, activities, and allocations.

The carbon offset projects we select are verified and certified according to world-leading standards.

The retirement of Carbon Credits in the respective registry can be accessed via Green Aureus.

Your carbon credits and their history are stored in the blockchain.

The relevant data of the climate projects are stored in the NFT and serve, among other things, as a bridge and visualization method.

The Footprint history can be accessed and checked at the touch of a button.

Your advantages for a sustainable
and economically strong future

Advantage over competitors

Simple and cost-effective implementation

Real and transparent impact

More customers and sales

Avoidance of greenwashing

Avoidance of future risks

Our Partners

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Our Eco-Community

We created the climate change together –
so let`s fight it together!

Hello Green Friends is also an integrated eco-community platform on a mission to fight climate change.

Networking of like-minded people

CO₂-neutral referral system

Learning centers

News & blogs

Hello Green Friends

News & Updates

Digital Minister visits Green Aureus

On the 24th of March 2023, the Minister for Digital Strategy and Development of Hessen, Prof. Dr. Kristina Sinemus, visited the innovative start-up „Green Aureus“ in the Co-KARL coworking space […]

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Healing Mother Earth and safeguarding our collective future, combined with revenue increases to further boost the economy!

Healing Mother Earth and safeguarding our collective future, combined with revenue increases to further boost the economy!

Most people have lost touch with where products actually come from due to the too often long and opaque transportation routes that goods travel before being sold to consumers. In […]

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Blockchain technologies as digital enablers for sustainable infrastructure

Blockchain technologies as digital enablers for sustainable infrastructure

With time running out, nature is in emergency mode. There is urgent need for action to address pressing global crises caused by climate change, such as global warming, biodiversity loss, […]

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About us

Green Aureus is driven by a diverse and motivated team with complementary skills and experiences on a joint mission to bridge the gap between technology and sustainability.

The idea behind Green Aureus and its team stems from the conviction that a better future for our planet & all human beings is possible.

Green Aureus

Our Mission

We are committed to helping companies and people achieve global net-zero emissions targets and stopping greenwashing.

Our Vision

We promote more sustainable and responsible economic activity for a healthier world for us all.

Our Ambition

We aim to become the leading Eco-FinTech for ESG compliant products and services.

Our Values

We believe in protecting the environment through financial inclusion, smart technologies and strategic partnerships.