Healing Mother Earth and safeguarding our collective future, combined with revenue increases to further boost the economy!

Healing Mother Earth

Most people have lost touch with where products actually come from due to the too often long and opaque transportation routes that goods travel before being sold to consumers. In addition, people lack the understanding of the true costs and effects, which result with each purchase decision for our planet herefrom. Healing Mother Earth should always be the common goal of us humans when making purchasing decisions.

Current problems and challenges
Everyone is talking about ESG and sustainability, but we are witnessing questionable „greenwashing“ methods every day that are aimed to project an environmentally friendly and responsible image to the public without an adequate basis to do so.

At the same time, we are witnessing increasing environmental catastrophes, triggered by the ongoing warming of our unique planet Earth.

Unfortunately, when it comes to climate change, we are better at perfecting the issue than at focusing on the solution.

Supply chains are becoming increasingly more complex due to constant globalization. This complexity makes it very difficult for end consumers to follow the supply chain in question with the information they want, while at the same time making up their own truly informed minds.

A genuine shift towards a sustainable and carbon-neutral industry not only requires innovative technical approaches, but also a necessary change in people’s mindset.

Partnerships and dialogues alone will not make industries more sustainable and progressive. Sustainability alone is no longer enough. Nor does it make sense to continue maintaining a system which is broken. Now more than ever, we need to find pathways that go well beyond the protection of our planet. But at the same time, we must also invest in an effective regeneration to heal our bond with nature.

Our Mission: Making a real impact Instead of Greenwashing
Green Aureus is committed to providing solutions for more responsible and sustainable supply chains.

We are accelerating the „Net Zero“ mission by supporting businesses, governments and organizations all over the world with our software solutions to overcome the climate crisis.

We are a provider of ESG tracking and digitization for SMEs with technology based on a proprietary blockchain with a built-in carbon offset tool to combat climate change.

Making climate action part of every transaction, we plant trees for products sold or invoices sent. The possibilities and ideas for integrating climate action are practically endless.

Our technology
With our blockchain technology, supply chain challenges such as lack of trust, transparency and traceability are minimized and inefficiencies are eliminated.

We have developed our own blockchain-based traceability and transparency approach to ensure that the ESG and sustainability information we receive from each company is actually accurate and furthermore cannot be manipulated by anyone.

These are mandatory requirements to make a real impact in the fight against climate change and to stop relying on mere lip service.

It is already 5 minutes past 12 and we are heading inevitably towards an irreparable catastrophe if we do not change our behavior immediately, effectively and radically!

Our benefit for consumers
Green Aureus is making shopping more mindful by expanding the narrative beyond the purchase with hyper-personalized services and the pursuit of sustainability.

Moving to our blockchain-powered solution truly helps to scale the business.

Consumers who scan QR codes and really want to understand where products come from are happy to buy, thus enabling growth rates of up to 100 percent. And once consumers trust a brand and like the products, they become frequent customers and make ongoing purchases.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that nearly 80% of GenZ want to know more about how the product is made and where it came from.

The Paris Climate Agreement and the challenges governments have to face
Demands from the decarbonization agenda are becoming more and more ambitious and will require new ways of reducing emissions in the day-to-day operations of different industries, as well as longer-term solutions that have a long-lasting beneficial impact.

It is an enormous challenge for governments and states, financial institutions, and relevant entrepreneurs and participants in all sectors and industries to commit to this paradigm shift.

Governments have a huge responsibility and are called upon more than ever to solve the greatest challenge of our time and must also lead by their own example.

One thing is certain: With the current efforts, we will not be able to cool down the planet.

Investments of, for example, 1% of the gross domestic product (GDP) in effective climate projects can remedy the situation and also significantly sharpen awareness for a more environmentally friendly way of life.

Furthermore, the world needs an organization of experts with in-depth knowledge about climate change and blockchain technology to engage stakeholders in current climate regulation schemes by curating some of the most cutting-edge yet administratively feasible real-world use cases or solutions.

Our benefit to governments and public agencies
Green Aureus can help governments, public agencies, and regional organizations, as well as corporations, to verify, digitize, and tamper-proof the complex landscape of ESG policy, sustainable efforts, and environmental contributions for all to see.

We provide a software solution for policy makers and corporate executives to adopt the most viable approaches in an environment that is favorable.

We aim to raise awareness among the international climate policy community of the enormous potential of blockchain technology to significantly improve the climate action required.

Our vision is the widespread use of energy-saving Blockchain technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Internet of Things (IoT) in governmental and non-governmental climate action to facilitate the implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement and beyond.

Conclusion and call
A true transformation towards a sustainable and carbon-neutral industry requires not only innovative technical solutions (like the ones we have), but also a change in the mindset of the people going through this transformative change.

Our goal is to make Germany a pioneer in the global transition to a carbon-free economy. Green Aureus welcomes everyone to actively join the effort towards a greener future, to reduce negative environmental impacts as much as possible, and to share this with the world so that they will also be rewarded for their sustainable and environmentally friendly efforts.

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