Blockchain technologies as digital enablers for sustainable infrastructure

With time running out, nature is in emergency mode. There is urgent need for action to address pressing global crises caused by climate change, such as global warming, biodiversity loss, and soil degradation.

The transition to a carbon-neutral future requires a visionary reassessment of infrastructure systems and services, from their interaction with consumers to their planning, procurement, financing, construction, and operation.

The use of new technologies that can dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions will be a critical component for such a successful transition.

Impact-based reporting
The rise of distributed ledger technology (DLT) has the potential to improve current processes and systems by acting as a digital enabler across the entire infrastructure value chain.

The arguments for impact-based reporting are overwhelming!

The path to blockchain-based traceability through blockchain standardization in line with ESG guidelines and the 17 UN SDGs will become unstoppable.

Building a platform for trust using the food industry as an example
Manufacturers build trust and loyalty to consumers through transparency. This is especially true in the food industry. Consumers want proof, not just another brand story. Green Aureus‘ solutions digitize, standardize, audit, track and measure food data independently and tamper-proof for the immediate benefit of companies and consumers.

But what do you mean by a platform that builds necessary trust in the food industry?
It is a software solution that stores so-called digital twins on the blockchain using relevant information, data and audits, thus restoring the necessary trust in the food supply chain through transparency – not through blind faith. The goal of this immutable and credible Blockchain environment is to build 100% trust in the global supply chains of goods (food). Only with digitally validated evidence can this goal be achieved.

Real ESG impact instead of greenwashing through immutable evidence via DLT.
Consumers have realized that ESG and sustainability have unfortunately become just buzzwords for many companies. The prosecutorial investigations for example at DWS (Deutsche Bank subsidiary) and Goldman & Sachs have caused a further loss of trust.
Thus, it is more than understandable that almost 80% of GenZ want to check the manufacturing of products, their routes and the ESG claims themselves, which in turn will significantly increase the sales of more transparent companies.

What is Green Aureus?
Green Aureus ensures supply chain transparency, verifies ESG claims, and makes them visible to stakeholders and customers through the use of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).
In addition, Green Aureus decarbonizes the planet with two globally unique blockchain-based carbon-reduction solutions.

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